SunnyVision helps client to virtualize their application running under traditional physical platform into private or public cloud infrastructure, so as to benefits from the advantages of cloud. Virtualization can be performed from whole infrastructure down to single server hosts which depends on client’s requirements. Furthermore, other than P2V, V2V is ease of cake under our IaaS platform, we support different type of format for client to transfer their virtual instance takes advantages of using our platform.


Cloud Advantages

P2V - Helping client to transform their traditional physical server into cloud virtual instance to enjoy different aspects of the cloud advantages via SunnyVision in-house simple P2V convertor.

IaaS Platform

Client manage and control from single instance to whole virtual data center including deploy instance, manage instance, on/ff instance, or even network and clustering control in single panel.

One Solution

We offer one solution to both private and public cloud to integrate their PaaS or SaaS platform environment requirements.

Zero Down-Time

Zero down-time during the migration is crucial for most of miss-critical applications, our solution are by design zero down-time awareness.


The solution can be compatible with both the physical infrastructure and the cloud infrastructure, applications are running under hybrid infrastructure mode, and client can deploy instance on either virtual or physical according to their requirements.


Design the Infrastructure

Account Manager will review your current infrastructure then plan the resources and propose the solutions.

Virtualize the Images

Capture the current instance images, and transform into our cloud platform test-run and fine-tune till production level.

One-Step to Cloud

Once the images ready, data synced, then one click to switch over the platform.

Cloud Infrastructure Advantages

P2V/V2V into our cloud infrastructure, you will enjoy:

Full Utilization

No more free or ideal instance, all are busying running and adjust their resources as per applications consumed, no more waste.


Saving up to 70% on maintenance cost.


No contract, deploy and destroy whatever at whenever such resources are no longer required.


Whenever there is a hardware failure, the cloud instance will automatically migrate to another health hardware and keep running smoothly on it.

LB Made-Easy

Adding Load-balancing in cloud platform is much more easier than physical instance, no cabling no network hassle any more.


With API and fully-automated platform, not only reduce the human-errors but also improve productivity and operational effectiveness.

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