Global CDN


Global CDN

SunnyVision purpose-built content delivery network (CDN) cache the content of your website via global POPs, and combined with the anycast intelligence DNS, worldwide users can access the content nearby their locations. This greatly improve the barrier of the geo-distance issues, and achieve high speed loading around the world.

Our POPs deployed and linked to multi-carrier around the world, with help on this, our client not only enjoy the high speed CDN, but also the protection from DDoS attacks and benefits from WAF and other features.

SunnyVision Global CDN Advantages

Improve Access Speed

With help of the global and anycast intelligence DNS, your website will be automatically deliver to end-users with nearest POPs as possible to reduce the network latency and improve access speed.


Due to the content has been distributed amount the POPs around the globe, you are no longer requires to pay a flat fee for high cost international bandwidth but much more lower rate of domestic traffic cost, and even more, the cost is counted based on GBs which you used rather than Gbps you need subscribed.

Reduce Latency

Due to the limitation of TCP protocol, high latency will cause not only the speed but also the response and seriously affect the network stability and reliability, users with our global CDN service will be directed to nearby POPs in which greatly reduce the network latency and response time. This specially helps with web apps loading with HD video and images.

Reduce Congestions

With distributed multi-POPs and backbones, there is no single point of failure and easily distributed traffic among the POPs to reduce the network congestions in traditional single site and backbone. With this, we can easily achieve 100% availability.

High Capacity

Compared with traditional POP with 10G or multi-10G backbone, our global CDN network total capacity is counted as multi-100G capacity, it breaks though the limitation of single backbone, and dramatically increase the network capacity to a new level to cope with today’s high demanding video and big data network traffic era.

DDoS Protection

With help with the global CDN, attack traffic will be distributed to different locations, and reduce the stress of single POPs and reduce the congestions, at the same time, with the feature-riched security add-ons like WAF, this greatly enhance the web security and proactive protection from DDoS.

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